• Daniel Bullock

English teacher in Japan | ダニエル先生と教室 | Improve your English at our English school

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

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ダニエルズ イングリッシュ クラブ (D.E.C.) | Daniel's English Club

Hello there everyone. I'm Daniel and I'd like to help you improve your English! With me, you will practice pronunciation, intonation, listening, vocabulary and grammar. I like to think that our school offers a place to study which is fun, relaxed and USEFUL to students!

English is without a doubt a global language, and we teach global English combined with British English. I am from the United Kingdom, but I have also lived in several other English-speaking countries, so I like to bring this experience into the English lessons, here at D.E.C.

At D.E.C. we teach a wide range of students. From kindergarten-aged students to retired individuals and everyone in between! Please feel free to contact us for information regarding a tailored English plan for you! You can find us at lesson@daniels-english.com

Cheers and have a nice day!