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10 Idioms About Autumn To Practice Speaking With!

Seeing as the weather is turning a little cooler, let's have a look at 10 idioms about autumn to practice our English speaking with!

Idioms about autumn

Here you will find a list of 10 idioms about autumn, along with their meanings. After that, we will practice some example sentences!

idioms about autumn

Autumn phrase


Autumn leaves

This is quite literal - it means the brown or reddish colour of the leaves we often see in Autumn.

Harvest time

Harvest time is the time of year that farmers typically pick their crops

Indian summer

If we are experiencing an Indian summer, it means the weather is unusually warm for the time of year.

Falling for someone

If you "fall for someone", you fall in love, or at least really like them!

Turning over a new leaf

This means we make a new beginning in life - we make positive changes

On cloud nine

If we are on cloud nine, it means we are so happy!

Take a rain check

We use "rain check" when we want to talk about postponing a plan. For example a dinner, a trip to the beach.

In the same boat

When people are in the same boat, they are in the same situation. For instance, both workers received pay cuts!

Out of the woods

English speakers use this word to signify that they are out of danger.

Cold turkey

If you suddenly quit something addictive, then you are doing so "cold turkey".

Why use idioms?

You may be wondering, what is the point of using idioms in our English? There are actually plenty of reasons to do so! Here are a few:

  • Idioms can add a bit of "life" and imagery to our speaking.

  • They can communicate meanings that may otherwise not be immediately obvious - sometimes using an idiom is faster than explaining a whole situation.

  • Idioms are sometimes used to show our emotions or describe situations in a memorable way.

  • They can liven up conversations by making them more energetic and interesting.

  • If you use idioms correctly, it shows that you have knowledge of the culture.

  • If we know plenty of idioms, our general English comprehension will be higher! No bad thing!

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Autumn sentences

We will now make some idiomatic autumn sentences! These will show you some of the ways that they are used in conversational English.

autumn sentences

  1. Autumn leaves: I plan to visit Nikko in Japan, to see the beautiful autumn leaves!

  2. Harvest time: At harvest time, farmers often have to work extra-long hours to gather all the crops.

  3. Indian summer: It's really warm today, and it's almost the end of November. We are definitely having an Indian summer!

  4. Falling for someone: Jack met Catherine at university and fell for her right away!

  5. Turning over a new leaf: He has been a smoker for most of his life, but Tony would like to turn over a new leaf and quit the habit!

  6. On cloud nine: She is on cloud nine after hearing her English test score!

  7. Take a rain check: Can we take a rain check on dinner? I have to work overtime this evening!

  8. In the same boat: Matt and Dave are both in the same boat - they have to finish their English assignment by Monday morning!

  9. Out of the woods: Tim's business is not out of the woods yet - it is improving, but they need to get more customers.

  10. Cold Turkey: Would you ever go cold turkey to quit something, or would you prefer to do it gradually?

Idioms About Autumn: Not only for autumn!

Today we have looked at 10 idioms about autumn that can be used in English conversation. Use them whenever the situation presents itself. One final speaking tip: don't use them too much! Idioms can make our English sound natural, but as soon as you start using them excessively, their impact wears off and we can sound repetitive! Thanks for reading today!

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