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10 Phrasal Verbs With Go: Energize Your English!

Updated: Jan 20

What will you go for? What do you go by? What can't you go without? These are all phrasal verbs. Today we are going to give our English a bit of energy and color by practicing 10 phrasal verbs with go. Read and repeat them all!

Phrasal verbs with go

Here are 10 phrasal verbs with go. We will talk about their meanings and possible situations where we might use them.

phrasal verbs with go
Phrasal verbs with go: Go after

  1. Go for - Go for means to choose or select something. We might use this phrasal verb when choosing an item from the menu in a restaurant. For instance “I’ll go for the salad.”

  2. Go along with - If we go along with something, then it means we are agreeing or complying with an idea.

  3. Go without - To go without means that we lack something. For instance, “the animal went without food for two days.”

  4. Go by - This means to be known or identified by a certain name. It is often used in terms of a question. For instance, “What do you go by?” “Oh, you can call me Jack.”

  5. Go out - If we leave our home for a particular reason, for instance socializing, or work, then we can say go out.

  6. Go on - This means something happens or continues. For instance, you might say that there is something going on at the park (an event of some kind)

  7. Go off - This means to explode. It is usually used for a sudden sound. Also, we can explain how fireworks start.

  8. Go over - If we review or examine something, then we are going over it. It is often used when talking about documents or something written down.

  9. Go through - If we experience some kind of difficulty or hardship, we can describe this as going through it.

  10. Go after - Go after is another way to say chase or pursue.

Example Sentences

Here are 10 example sentences with today's phrasal verbs. Read them all out loud - it may help you better remember them.

  1. Ophelia decided to go for the red dress for tonight‘s party.

  2. After negotiating for a while, the company decided to go along with the buyout.

  3. Many families have to go without luxuries due to hard economic times.

  4. He goes by an unusual nickname!

  5. Pam and Jenny plan to go out to a party this evening.

  6. Even though it was raining, the outdoor concert went on!

  7. Get ready for this! The fireworks will go off soon!

  8. I think I need to go over my exam revision one more time before the big day.

  9. Mary had to go through many challenges before finally graduating university.

  10. My cat often goes after rabbits!

Go past tense

When we make questions in English, it is often the case that we use the past tense. The past tense of go is went. Another form is gone. Here are examples of each tense:

go past tense, went on, go on
Go past tense: went

  • I'd like to go to the supermarket later on (present tense).

  • Jake went to the beach four times this summer.

  • I don't know where they've gone.

We will use all of these forms in the phrasal verb questions below!

Phrasal verb questions: phrasal verbs with go

Here are some phrasal verb questions using go, went, or gone. Try to make your own answers, too, using full sentences.

  1. Which pasta dish did you finally go for at the restaurant?

  2. Have you ever gone without the internet for a few days?

  3. Why did he decide to go by that nickname?

  4. Where do you and your friends like to go out to?

  5. Will the concert go on, even though it’s raining?

  6. How did you feel when those fireworks went off?

  7. Would you be able to go over the lesson points again, please?

  8. What is the hardest thing Paul has ever gone through?

  9. Why does my cat like to go after birds?

Sentences with go

Let's now have a look at some sentences with go:

  1. Liam will go to the park this weekend to exercise.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Jones like to go out for dinner on special occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays.

  3. Do you want to go for a walk in the park after lunch, Michael?

  4. I think the number four bus goes by here.

  5. We should go home now, as it’s getting quite late!

  6. They should go to the beach in summer, as the weather is so good around here.

  7. Tracy goes to the gym to stay fit.

  8. They go out for dinner every Friday night.

  9. He will go to the lake to fish.

Sentences with going

We'll now check out some sentences with going. Read and repeat them all!

  1. They are going to the beach this weekend for a barbecue. Sounds fun!

  2. Lucy is going to the office early this morning to work on her big presentation.

  3. Do you know if they are going to the party tonight?

  4. I’m going to take the dog out for a walk later. Would you like to come?

  5. The elderly couple are going through photos of their childhoods.

  6. I’d like to go over your plans for living abroad again, please. It sounds unrealistic.

  7. Mike is going after the ball which ran down the hill during the game.

  8. They are going to visit the library later to do their English homework.

Phrasal verbs with go: Useful for everyday conversations

Hopefully, you have managed to read through and repeat all of today's phrasal verbs with go, and have seen how useful and versatile they are for daily conversations! Do you want to explain how you complied with something? You can use go along with (or went along with). Would you like to explain the process of enduring something? You can use go through (or went through). What about if you lack something? You can use go without.

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