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25 Idioms About Summer: Beginner’s Guide to Vacation Phrases

Have you ever wondered what to say when the sun shines? You could say it's boiling hot. What about when there is a summer party? A social butterfly is a very sociable person who might be at the event. Now that the heat is increasing and we are thinking about vacations (at least in the northern hemisphere!), there’s no better time to learn more about idioms for summer. Let’s look at a list of idioms about summer, a table

explaining their meanings, and how to use them with example sentences.

butterfly, english phrase of the day, social
Would you consider yourself to be a social butterfly?

Table of contents

Summer idioms list

Summer idioms table of meanings

Summer idioms examples

A bonus summer idiom is right here!

Summer idioms list for beginners: 25 common phrases

Here is a list of common summer or heat-related idioms that will help you in improving your English. Read them aloud several times. If it helps you to remember, why not write them down too! You can also make

your own conversations or sentences with them. If you try to visualize how to use them it can help

you to remember them.

  1. Boiling hot

  2. Make hay while the sun shines

  3. Come rain or shine

  4. An Indian summer

  5. Taking a shine to someone

  6. A drop in the ocean

  7. The dog days of summer

  8. A Fair-weather friend

  9. Head in the clouds

  10. Soak up some sun

  11. Have a green thumb

  12. Social butterfly

  13. Full of hot air

  14. Hot and bothered

  15. Touch of sun

  16. Everything under the sun

  17. A place in the sun

  18. Midsummer madness

  19. A ray of sunshine

  20. Sun-drenched

  21. To brighten somebody up

  22. To be a breeze

  23. Chase rainbows

  24. A moment in the sun

  25. I’m melting!

beautiful lady in front of shining sun at the beach on her summer vacation
Will the sun shine during your summer vacation?

Summer idioms table of meanings

Here is a table of all the summer idioms we are looking at. Next time you have a party in the heat of summer, you will know what idiom to use! You will find each of the 25 idioms and

their meanings. Use this as a reference guide if you can’t remember what the idiom meant.

Summer idiom

Meaning of the phrase

Boiling hot

This means something is really hot, like boiling water

Make hay while the sun shines

This means we should maximize our potential while we have the chance (now)

Come rain or shine

This means that we do an activity even in a bad condition because we love it or are determined.

An Indian summer

This means the weather is unusually warm for the time of year.

Taking a shine to someone

Just like the word "shine" has a positive connotation, taking a shine to someone means we feel affectionate toward someone, or like them.

A drop in the ocean

This means a very small amount. Just as if you put a single drop of water into the sea. It changes almost nothing.

The dog days of summer

This phrase means that the weather is hot and sultry. They occur in July and August.

A fair-weather friend

This is used to describe a person who is not truly your friend. They are only your friend when the time is convenient for them.

Head in the clouds

Used to describe somebody who is living in some kind of fantasy land. Their goals are not realistic.

Soak up some sun

Like a sponge soaks up water (absorbs) we can also absorb sunshine. Usually, it is with the aim of feeling refreshed or getting a suntan.

Have a green thumb (or thumbs)

This idiom means we are skilled at gardening or growing things.

Social butterfly

Someone who is socially comfortable and dynamic.

Full of hot air

Used when someone talks a lot and doesn't say much of value!

Hot and bothered

We use this expression when we become irritated or flustered, usually accompanied by sweating!

A touch of the sun

After someone's skin has become slightly pink, red, or tanned from the sun, we can use this. Usually accompanied with "got" or " have gotten".

Everything under the sun

Used to describe a place like a shop, which contains a huge variety of products. It seems almost endless. A certain online shopping mall would come under this category!

A place in the sun

A sunny place. Think: Benidorm, Central Algarve, Crete, Hawaii...

Midsummer madness meaning

A temporary lapse into foolishness or carefree behavior

A ray of sunshine

Used to describe a person who is cheerful and impacts people in a positive manner.


This is used to refer to a place where the sun shines a lot. Examples include the south of France, most of Spain, Italy, and most of the Mediterranean coast.

To brighten somebody up

This means to make someone feel better, or more cheerful. A gift or good news usually brightens a person up.

To be a breeze

We use this very common English expression when we want to describe something that is really, really easy! (like learning English...not!)

To chase rainbows

To follow unrealistic goals. Just like chasing a real-life rainbow, we can never reach the source.

His/her/their moment in the sun

This refers to the time when someone gets the literal spotlight. They have a few minutes of "fame" or attention.

I"m melting

We hope this is not literal! It just means we have become extremely hot. Please switch on the air conditioner right away if you are melting!

Summer idiom examples for beginners or ESL learners

people at the beach partying, getting a touch of the sun, natural idiom
I think it is fair to say they've all gotten a touch of the sun today!

Is the sun shining? Are you feeling the heat of summer yet? Let’s see how summer idioms are used in daily English conversation. Below is a list of examples for our 25 English summer expressions. Read them out and try to focus as much as possible on intonation and pronunciation. Go slowly first and then once you’re comfortable speed up a little bit, but you don’t have to race through them. Make each phrase shine with great pronunciation!

Example of boiling hot in a sentence

Jack, you should wear a hat and sunscreen too. It’s boiling hot outside!

Example of making hay while the sun shines in a sentence

The football player is at his peak right now. He needs to make hay while the sun shines and make sure he fulfills his potential.

Example of come rain or shine

Come rain or shine, Janet always comes along to English class. She is such a great student.

Example of an Indian summer in a sentence

What is the meaning of the idiom "an Indian summer"? common phrase
An indian summer, in India!

We are experiencing a little bit of an Indian summer this year. There is still so much heat and the sun shines for a long time every, but it is already October!

Example of taking a shine to someone in a sentence

Our new dog has really "taken a shine to" our daughter. He follows her about wherever she goes!

How do you make a sentence with a drop in the ocean?

Unfortunately, this homework you have just completed is just a drop in the ocean. You still need to complete five English essays this term!

The dog days of summer in a sentence

We are well and truly in the dog days of summer right now. It has been 30C°/ 86F° every day for the past week!

Example of a fairweather friend in a sentence

beautiful girl standing, sea, sunshine, summer, vacation, hat, bright
Is she just a fairweather friend, or a true one?

Diane is such a fairweather friend. Last year when Johnny got sick, she was nowhere to be seen it was almost like she didn’t care at all.

Example sentence for "head in the clouds"

Jimmy has his head in the clouds. He is expecting to get into a great university without doing any kind of coursework or revision for exams. No way!

An example sentence using the phrase soak up some sun

They decided to go to Spain this summer to soak up some sun. They have got two weeks on the beach. Lucky them!

Spanish beach, pier, beautiful turquoise water, sun, shine, top vacation spot
Have you ever been to Spain? It is the perfect place to soak up some summer vacation sun!

Green thumbs in a sentence

My Nana definitely has Green thumbs. Everything she grows seems to do well. This summer she has grown tomatoes, cucumbers, gooseberries, and blackberries. Amazing!

How to use a social butterfly in a sentence?

Yukie is a social butterfly. She has no problems socializing with any kind of person and doesn’t suffer from shyness.

Full of "hot air" example sentence

Our CEO is full of hot air! He keeps on promising raises and we never get them!

idiom full of hot air, heat, summer idioms, common, popular phrases
The boss is just full of hot air! He talks, but never does anything to help us out!

Hot and bothered example sentence

To avoid becoming hot and bothered while doing your English coursework, why don’t you switch on the air-conditioning. It’s a bit too hot for just a fan.

A touch of the sun in a sentence

Mike has gotten a touch of the sun today. His forehead is pink!

Everything under the sun example sentence

The electronics district of Akihabara in Tokyo sells everything under the sun. From retro game consoles to TVs, to hi-fi systems. You can find it all.

A place in the sun example sentence

For my retirement, I’d like to find a place in the sun. Somewhere like Spain or the south of France would be fantastic to live in.

What is an example of "midsummer madness" in a sentence?

crowded beach, summer madness, heat, humidity, many people, crazy
It was absolute midsummer madness at the beach last week!

It was Midsummer madness on the beach today. It was so crowded, you wouldn’t believe it!

What is an example sentence using the phrase "a ray of sunshine"?

Our pet toy poodle is a ray of sunshine. He brings happiness to the family!

What is an example sentence for sun-drenched?

The Costa del Sol in Spain is very popular with British tourists because it is a sundrenched paradise!

How do you use "brighten up" in a sentence?

I have some news to brighten you up. We are going on holiday to Disneyland next month!

An example of a breeze in a sentence

The IELTS test was most certainly not a breeze for me!

An example sentence for chasing a rainbow

Chaz is always chasing rainbows. This is the second time he has invested all his money and lost it. He should be much more careful in the future.

An example sentence for the phrase a “moment in the sun”

You should enjoy your moment in the sun while it lasts. Fame is often short-lived!

Here is an example sentence for the phrase “I am melting”

It’s so hot today! I’m melting. I think I need ice cream right now.

A bonus summer idiom is right here!

surfing, sun setting, tube, wave, beautiful beach, heat, shine
The sun has almost set, it is turning orange and full of summer heat

Everybody likes watching sunsets, don’t they? I sure do. It might come as a surprise, but

there is an idiom for this. It goes as follows: the sun has set on something. It means that

someone’s time of success has finished. Just like when the sun sets and drops below the ocean. It doesn't shine anymore. Here is an example of this idiom:

The sun has finally set on the electronics maker. They went bankrupt last month.

It’s a little bit of a depressing phrase but it is in fitting with the discussion of summer-related vocabulary. I hope these expressions have been useful to you on your journey toward mastering English! You might also want to check out some of our other idiom-related articles, for example, Beginner Animal Idioms. This will further boost your English vocabulary ability.

Till the next time, see you soon.