• Daniel Bullock

How big is Jupiter?

In short, Jupiter is massive! In this post we are going to be using comparative adjectives to talk about the planet Jupiter. Read on for more details.

Is Jupiter bigger than the Sun?

英語, マンツーマンレッスン
How big is jupiter in comparison to our sun?

Jupiter is very, very large. But it is not bigger than the Sun. The Sun is much larger than Jupiter. It is about 10 times wider than Jupiter, in fact. Jupiter is, however, bigger than any other planet in our solar system.

Is Jupiter cold?

The planet has an average temperature of minus 145 degrees Celsius or minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit. That is incredibly cold. A lot colder than the Earth! Another interesting thing about the temperature is that it is not affected so much about how far north or south you are (think Mexico, southern and hot, Finland, northern and cold) but by the height above the surface of the planet. Jupiter generates its heat from itself, rather than planets like the Earth or Mars, which rely on the Sun as their main source of heat.

How big is Jupiter?

マンツーマンレッスン, 結城, jupiter
How large do you think this planet is?

Jupiter has a radius of 69,911 kilometres. Compare that to the Earth, which has a radius of 6371 kilometres and you can see that Jupiter is much bigger than the Earth. It is also, perhaps more impressively, more massive than all the other planets in the solar system combined! That means that all the other planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) could fit inside it!

A stormy place!

英語, 結城
A rather windy place!

Have you ever heard of the great red spot? That huge spot on the surface of Jupiter is actually a storm, of sorts. It is once of the storm systems going across the planet. Perhaps the word storm is not a good technical name for it, it is actually a high-pressure region. But the fact is, it has been swirling around Jupiter for over 100 years! A hurricane or typhoon on the Earth usually lasts only 1 day (although sometimes, a lot longer than that, up to 1 month!). Jupiter has very strong winds. Winds speeds can reach up to 620 kilometres per hour or 385 miles per hour. It is reasonable to say that Jupiter is stormier than the Earth!