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How cold is Mars?

英語, mars, 結城
Mars is colder than The Earth. It is also smaller!

Learning about the planets

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post from Daniel’s English Club. We are having fun here practicing using comparative adjectives, while using the planets as our topic. Before we dive into it, I’d like to mention that while we have tried to make sure all the things said here are true and factual, the aim of these posts is to help students with their English. So, if there are any scientific mistakes – apologies in advance! Now, with that said, let’s have fun with English!

Facts about Mars

Today we will talk about the planet Mars and compare it to planet Earth and also other planets in our solar system. The aim of this is to practice using comparative adjectives. It will hopefully be interesting, too! The adjectives we will use today are:

cold red small dangerous tall

How cold is Mars?

It is safe to say that Mars is pretty cold! This is due to the fact that it has a very thin atmosphere. An atmosphere is an envelope of gases which surround a planet. They protect the planet from space. Planet Mars is also further away from the Sun than The Earth. Mars has an average temperature of -69 Celsius.This is very different to The Earth. It can get warmer around the equator though, even up to 20 degrees Celsius. Because of these reasons, we can say that Mars is colder than The Earth.

マンツーマン, earth, 小山
Mars is colder than The Earth (pictured here!)

Why is Mars called the Red Planet?

Whenever you look at pictures of Mars, it appears quite red, doesn’t it? This is because of the rusty dust which can be found in the atmosphere. The surface of Mars is also rich in iron oxide, so it looks rusty. Rust is what forms on metal when you leave it out in the rain for a long time. You know your bicycle that you never put away in the garage? It's probably got a few spots of rust! It is fair to say that Mars is the red planet! Mars is definitely redder than The Earth.

How small is Mars?

We can see Mars quite well from The Earth using telescopes, but actually Mars is a rather small planet! Mars has a diameter of 6790 kilometres. If we compare that to the diameter of The Earth, which is 12750, we can clearly see that Mars is Smaller than The Earth. In fact, Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system, after Mercury.

英語, mars, マンツーマン
Mars is redder than The Earth

Is Mars dangerous?

Again, we are not a scientific blog, here at Daniel’s English Club. However, I think that it is pretty clear to everyone that Mars could be a very dangerous place for humans to live. Firstly, it is very cold. So, without special equipment like environmental suits, humans would freeze to death! Also, the atmosphere can’t be breathed by humans. Another problem is that the level of radiation on Mars is high, and there isn’t much protection from strong solar blasts of radiation. This would pose problems for mars settlers. Mars is more dangerous than The Earth.

How tall is Mount Everest?

The Tallest mountain on planet Earth is the magnificent Mount Everest. It is 8848 metres tall. Wow! However, is this taller than the mountains on Mars? The highest mountain on Mars is called Olympus Mons. It is 24 kilometres high! That is 20400 metres!

It is the highest, or tallest mountain in the solar system. Quite amazing considering that Mars is one of the smaller planets! To practice a comparative form, we can say that Olympus Mons is much taller than Mt. Everest. We can also say that Mount Everest is shorter than Olympus Mons.

Comparing Mars with other planets

Mars is colder than The Earth

Mars is redder than The Earth

Mars is smaller than The Earth

Mars is more dangerous than The Earth.

Olympus Mons is taller than Mount Everest

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