• Daniel Bullock

3 secrets of success - how to make a great first impression

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Have you ever been confused about how to address English speakers? It's important to use the right level of politeness when meeting someone for the first time, in order to make a good first impression.

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How to make a great first impression

Secret 1

When meeting adults for the first time, especially in a work scenario, it is best to use Mr. ~ for a man and Ms. ~ for a woman. If you know the woman is married, you can also use Mrs. ~. Family name comes next.

For example: John Smith – Hello, Mr. Smith.

Secret 2

It is a good idea to ask the person how they would like to be called:

“Should I call you Ms. Turnbull?” (they might prefer Mrs.)

Secret 3

Also, after a few meetings, if you are getting along well, you can ask to call someone by their first name: “Is it okay if I call you John?”

Going into a business situation on a first name basis (E.G.: Hello, you must be Jack!) is often considered poor manners. It does depend on the person’s personal preference, however.





John Smith さんの場合、Mr. Smithとなります。



“Should I call you Ms. 〜(苗字)?”



“Is it okay if I call you John?”