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Is made out of money an idiom?

Yes, the phrase made out of money is an idiom. It is an informal expression connected to money, that is best used in casual situations. It would not generally be recommended in formal or serious conversations. For example, you would not tell your CEO that he is "made out of money". This expression is mostly used in its negative form, to indicate someone is not made of money. They are, in fact, lacking money.

cash in hand, money expression, time is money, person holding a wad
He used to be made out of money, now he's losing it.

What does made out of money mean?

This money expression means that someone is rich, or wealthy. We usually use this idiom to talk about people, either singular or a group of individuals. It is a casual English expression, and we would not want to say it directly to the intended subject. Doing so could cause offense or disapproval, as it is somewhat crass to say such a thing directly to someone's face. However, This brilliant individual is made of money!

When do we use the phrase "made of money"?

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A lot of people who are made of money live in Hollywood, CA

Native English speakers use this phrase most commonly when they are describing a person or group. It is best not to use this expression if the person being referred to is present! Simply put, the idiom "made out of money" goes before the person or group you would like to refer to. See the examples below.

I'm not made of money meaning

This expression is the polar opposite. It simply means not rich, or my financial resources are limited. It is normally used after someone has requested something of you. For example, your friend asked if you would like to buy the $300 caviar. You simply reply: "Sorry, I am not made of money". Quite effectively you have said that the caviar is too expensive for you.

Made of money sentence examples

Here we will see some examples of the idiom "made out of money". Note also, many people choose to omit "out", and just say: made of money.

Examples of sentences using made out of money

Example 1

With that car he drives, he must be made out of money.

Example 2

You said you wanted to go to Disneyland again this month? Sorry, we aren't made of money!

Example 3

A lot of the people living on Mayfair and Park Lane in London are made of money.

girl, piggybank, sing for money, allowance, raise, want more
Do you think I am made of money?

Example 4

I had to tell our daughter that we aren't made out of money. She wanted another raise on her allowance.

Example 5

I'm not made of money, so I just want to take a cheap vacation this summer.

Example 6

Do you think I am made out of money? There is no way I can afford that BMW!

Example 7

Not everybody is made of money.

Example 8

The people living around Beverley Hills and Hollywood are said to be made of money.

Example 9

After winning the lottery, David was literally made of money. He bought all of his friends expensive presents.

Example 10

The governments of some Middle Eastern counties are made of money, due to their oil wealth.

Example 11

Is made out of money an idiom? you need to be made out of money to afford this pony
If we were made of money, we could buy you that gorgeous speckled pony for your birthday!

Alice asked if she could have a pony for her birthday as her friend got one. I replied that we weren't made of money like them!

List of 15 pricey money expressions to use in conversation

Money is a topic which everyone has to deal with in their lives. It is no surprise that there are many English phrases and idioms regarding this topic! Here we will detail some more examples of money-related expressions. If you are looking for idioms to boost your English language ability, why not check out some of the articles on Daniel's English Club Blog. You will find lots of advice for learning English.

1. Filthy rich

This just means that someone is extremely rich.

Example of filthy rich in a sentence:

Martin is filthy rich. He has bought 3 houses so far, all with swimming pools!

2. Loads of money

This expression means there are great quantities of money. A load means a pile or heap.

Example of loads of money in a sentence:

Sony made loads of money from its PS4 console.

3. Bags of money

Imagine a bag full of coins. Then multiply the number of bags. That's what bags of money means.

Example of bags of money in a sentence:

The owner of the Premier League football club has bags and bags of money.

4. Money doesn't grow on trees

This idiom means that finance, or money, is not easy to obtain. It is not as easy as taking fruit off a tree.

An example of money doesn't grow on trees:

Paul wants to buy another pair of sneakers. I had to tell him that money doesn't grow on trees!

5. A dime a dozen

Is dime a dozen an insult? coin, money discussion
Smart devices are a dime a dozen these days.

This phrase means something is very common. Here is an example sentence:

Those phones are a dime a dozen nowadays. Smartphones used to be so high-tech!

6. Time is money

This idiom means that time is very valuable

What's an example of "time is money"?

Come on guys, time is money. Let's end the break here and get back to work.

7. Break the bank

The idiom means that something is so expensive, that it would cause financial problems.

What is an example of "break the bank" in a sentence?

This compact car will not break the bank. It has great cost-performance.

pig, happy, What does the phrase bringing home the bacon mean?
Can you bring home the bacon?

8. Bring home the bacon

This term means to provide money, usually for the family.

What is an example of "bring home the bacon" in a sentence?

After many years of bringing home the bacon, Charles finally retired from the company.

9. Keep the wolf from the door

This term means to earn just enough money to cover essential things like food and rent.

What is an example sentence for "keep the wolf from the door"?

My new job doesn't pay great, but it keeps the wolf from the door, at least.

10. Pick up the tab

This idiom means to pay for something, usually for other people. Most times, it happens at a restaurant or a cafe. What is an example sentence of "pick up the tab"?

Mike was so kind. He picked up the tab for the whole group.

11. Money talks

This expression means that money can usually get you what you need.

What is an example of "money talks" in a sentence?

The new supermarket location got approved by the government in only one day. Money talks!

12. Go Dutch

This idiom means we pay for something equally. For instance at a restaurant and there are 4 people. Each person pays their share of the cost.

What is an example of going Dutch?

Let's "go Dutch on this dinner", it was expensive, so it is unfair to expect you to pay for everything.

13. Flat broke

This phrase means the person has almost no money at all.

What is an example of the expression "flat broke"?

Sandra said she was flat broke, so she can't come out with us this Friday night.

14. Living hand to mouth

What does the slang term broke mean? students, studying, happy, laptop, noteboosk, laughing, reading, sitting on lawn
Darryl used to be broke before finding a good job.

This phrase is similar to the expression "living paycheck to paycheck" It means you have just enough money to live on, but nothing to spare. You can not afford to go out to restaurants or take vacations.

What is an example sentence for "living hand to mouth"?

Darryl was living hand to mouth on welfare until he found a job at the department store. Now he can afford to go to college and study.

15. Completely skint

This phrase means you have no money. It is an example of a British English expression.

What is an example of "completely skint" in a sentence?

That busker looks completely skint, maybe we should give him a few coins?