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Phrasal Verbs With Bring: Bring In Some New Vocabulary!

Updated: Jan 7

In this article, we will look at some phrasal verbs with bring, as well as some example sentences so that we can practice our speaking ability! Read through them all and say them out loud. Also, try to make your own sentences and questions with them, too!

Phrasal verbs with bring

Here are some phrasal verbs with bring. Read them all out. If they are hard for you to pronounce, say them slowly at first and gradually build up the speed until you are more confident saying them.

phrasal verbs with bring
Let's practice phrasal verbs with bring today!

  1. Bring up: If we bring something up then it means we are introducing or mentioning a topic. An example might be bringing up the topic of advertising in a business meeting.

  2. Bring about: To bring about means to cause something to change, or happen. Bring about is often paired with the word “change”.

  3. Bring along: It means to take something or someone with us when we go somewhere. A typical example would be if it is raining, we might bring our umbrella along with us when we go out.

  4. Bring in: When something is brought in it means that a new concept, rule, or way of doing things is introduced.

  5. Bring out: To bring out can mean to make something very noticeable or apparent. For instance, the makeup brings out the color in her eyes. Also, bring out means to release a product.

  6. Bring down: This means means to reduce something. For example, shops bring down prices during sales campaigns.

  7.  Bring forward: If we reschedule something and move it to an earlier date, then we have brought it forward.

  8. Bring off: If we bring something off, then we have succeeded in doing something that is hard or challenging.

  9. Bring around: To bring someone around means to make someone regain consciousness, in a medical situation.

  10. To bring up also means to raise a child. It is often separable. For instance, we brought our child up in Texas.

Example Sentences

In order to practice our speaking and also to help us better remember today's phrasal verbs with bring, we will now check out some example sentences. Read and repeat them all!

bring out

  1. Sally brought up the company’s financial situation when we had our meeting.

  2. The government initiative was designed to bring about positive changes in work styles.

  3. Why don’t you bring Mark along when we go to the park later?

  4. Tony is planning to bring in some fresh ideas to the office, seeing as he has just transferred here.

  5. The highlights in your hair really bring out your original hair color!

  6. The government aims to bring down crime.

  7. The football game was brought forward, due to the poor weather next week.

  8. Sally managed to bring her art project off very successfully.

  9. The manager asked the team to bring up any issues they had at the meeting.

Bring past tense? Let's make some questions!

Let's look at some questions next. The past tense will definitely crop up when making questions. The past of bring is brought. The full form is bring, brought, brought.

  1. Where were you brought up?

  2. How can schools help to bring about positive change?

  3. If you’re going to the beach, what do you need to bring along?

  4. Has your company brought in any strange rules before?

  5. When was that phone you’re using brought out?

  6. Michael was hanging around with those troublemakers again. Will they bring him down?

  7. Have you ever had to bring plans forward?

  8. What are some core values that we should think about when bringing a child up?

Phrasal verbs with bring: Handy for everyday conversations

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through today's phrasal verbs with bring and have seen how handy they are for daily conversation! Want to introduce something ? You can use bring in. Want to accelerate a plan? Use bring forward. Would you like to discuss the place you grew up in? You might use the expression brought up. See, there are so many useful phrases including bring!

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