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14 Phrasal Verbs With Get: Boost Your English Vocab!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Today we are going to practice 14 phrasal verbs with get - A very handy set of expressions that we can use to boost our English vocabulary! Let's get to it!

Phrasal verbs with get

Here are today's phrasal verbs with get. If you are unsure of any words here, look them up in a dictionary.

phrasal verbs with get, get up

  1. Get up: This means to rise up out of bed. People typically get up in the morning.

  2. Get along: If we have a harmonious relationship with someone, we get along with them!

  3. Get over: This one means to recover from something, such as an illness or a problem.

  4. Get by: To manage to survive or cope with a situation - it is usually used to talk about having very limited money or income.

  5. Get off: If you leave a plane, then you have gotten off it. If you have moved from the sofa, then you have also gotten off it!

  6. Get through (to someone): This is used when we are able to communicate well with someone so that they really understand. It can also mean that we are able to contact someone, often by phone.

  7. Get on: This is like "get along". We have a good relationship with someone.

  8. Get away: It can mean taking a vacation somewhere nice or escaping from somewhere.

  9. Get in: This is very common and means to enter a place or vehicle.

  10. Get out: The opposite of "get in"!

  11. Get across: This is to successfully convey or communicate an idea or some kind of concept.

  12. Get down to: When we start doing something seriously or properly, then we are getting down to it. It is commonly used for the topics of work, study, cleaning, homework, and so on.

  13. Get back: This phrasal verb means to return to a previous place. It is often used to describe returning home.

  14. Get rid of: If we have something we no longer need, we may get rid of it. For example, I got rid of my broken TV - I sent it to the recycling center.

Sentences using "Get"

To help with English speaking, here are some example sentences using today's phrasal verbs with get. Read and repeat them for fluency practice!

  1. I usually get up at seven in the morning, except on weekends.

  2. I don't get along well with my classmate. He is always boasting about things, which I don't really like.

  3. It took David a long time to get over his cold, but now he feels great!

  4. They struggle to get by on what they earn. They are both looking for new jobs now.

  5. When you get off the plane, don't forget to check you still have your passport.

  6. I can't get through to him. He does not want to understand how to solve the maths problem.

  7. Emma and Becky don't get on with each other these days. They used to be friends, though!

  8. I'd like to get away to the south of France this autumn! I fancy some sunshine!

  9. Children, please get in the car. It's time to go home.

  10. Mike got out of the car.

  11. The teacher managed to successfully get the tricky concept across to most of the students.

  12. This garden needs weeding. Let's get down to it today!

  13. I got back home later than usual last night.

  14. I'd like to get rid of that pile of newspapers, it's getting bigger each week!

Phrasal verbs with get: do you know them all?

I hope you have enjoyed reading through today's phrasal verbs with get! Let's finish up with a short quiz! Which phrasal verbs match the following descriptions?

  1. You would like to take a trip to escape your daily routine.

  2. You got better from an illness.

  3. You entered a taxi.

  4. You earn just enough money to cover your monthly expenses.

  5. You manage to convey an idea well to someone.

If you are a little unsure, here are the answers:

  1. Get away

  2. Get over

  3. Get in

  4. Get by

  5. Get across

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