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7 Fun Phrasal Verbs With Give: Speak More Naturally

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

In this tutorial we will look at 7 phrasal verbs with give, and some example sentences so that we can practice our English grammar! Read through them all and say them out loud. Also, try to make your own sentences and questions with them, too!

Phrasal verbs with give

Here are 7 phrasal verbs with give. Read them out aloud. If they are tricky for you to pronounce, go very slowly at first and repeat several times.

phrasal verbs with give

  1. Give away: If we give something away then it means we are handing something to someone for free. We aren’t expecting to receive anything back in return. Another meaning of give away, is to reveal a secret, or some kind of information unintentionally.

  2. Give back: To give something back means to return an item to the person who originally lent it to us.

  3. Give in: This phrasal verb means to surrender. It is similar to give up.

  4. Give off: This expression means to produce something such as light, heat, a smell, or even a vibe. For instance, the person is giving off an energetic vibe today!

  5. Give out: This one has a few meanings. Firstly it can mean to distribute something such as a paper to all class members. Also, we can use this to mean exhausted or failed. For instance, my car finally gave out after working well for 12 years!

  6. Give up: Just like give in, we can use this to mean we have stopped trying to do something. It’s often used when we have been attempting a very difficult task.

  7. Give up on: This is almost the same as give up, but we directly connect it to something. For instance: Hilda gave up on her dream of becoming an opera singer.

Example Sentences with Phrasal Verbs with Give

Here are some example sentences with today's expressions. Read and repeat them all enough times that you are comfortable with them!

give gave given

  1. Mary gave away all of her old clothes to charity. She realized she didn’t need them anymore.

  2. I’m hoping my friend will give me back the book I loaned him.

  3. The school football team refused to give in and eventually fought back to a draw.

  4. In spring, my garden is really nice. The flowers give off such a great fragrance.

  5. The government gave out food supplies to the people that were affected by the hurricane.

  6. Jack tried to quit smoking at least four times. This year, however, he finally managed to give it up permanently. Good job Jack!

  7. Jenny tried to keep the surprise party a secret, but her smile gave it away!

  8. He gave up on his dream of becoming a professional footballer after he injured his knee.

Give gave given: making questions

When making general sentences, the verb tense is important. It's also really important to use the correct tense when forming questions. Here are a variety of questions using today's phrasal verbs with give that incorporate either give, gave, or given. Why not practice answering these in full sentences, too?

  1. Have you ever given something away, but later regretted it?

  2. Have you ever forgotten to give something back to a friend?

  3. If your friend gave in too quickly, how would you motivate them or encourage them to give it another try?

  4. If someone is giving off a suspicious vibe, what should we do?

  5. If your teacher was giving out lesson sheets, but gave you the wrong one, what would you say to them?

  6. Have you ever decided to give up on something? What was it and why did you do so?

  7. When you were a child did you ever give a secret or surprise away?

Phrasal Verbs with Give: more natural language

I hope you have enjoyed reading through today's phrasal verbs with give and have seen that they are useful to use in our conversations. If we can understand more phrasal verbs, it helps us to be more versatile - we are able to talk in a more dynamic and flexible way. Not only that, but knowing phrasal verbs and idioms can give us more cultural understanding - helping us communicate with English speakers from other countries!

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