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10 Phrasal Verbs With Put: Boost Your English Vocab!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In this article, we will look at 10 phrasal verbs with put and make sentences with them to practice our English vocab+grammar. Phrasal verbs are very handy things to know, as they can not only help us sound more natural in speech but also aid our listening ability. Let’s have a look!

Phrasal verbs with put

Here are today’s 10 phrasal verbs with put, along with their meanings. After that, we shall look at some sentences with them. 

phrasal verbs with put, put on

  1. Put on: This means to wear clothing or accessories. Also, it means to turn a device, like a computer or a light, on. It’s similar to “switch on”.

  2. Put off: This phrasal verb means to delay or postpone something. Another meaning is to discourage or make someone feel less interested/motivated to do something. For instance, you get put off horse riding after a fall. 

  3. Put up with: This one means to tolerate or endure something or someone. It is used with something that that is unpleasant or irritating. 

  4. Put out: It means to extinguish a fire or a cigarette. As well as that, it also means to inconvenience or disturb someone.

  5. Put away: If you put something away, then you have put it back where it lives (it’s usual storage place). For instance, we might tell our children “Put your toys away, please.” 

  6. Put forward: This means to suggest an idea or make a proposal. Also, it means to nominate someone for a position.

  7. Put in: This phrasal verb means to install or place something in a specific location. For instance, "Put the key in the drawer". Also, we use it to signify making an effort or contribution.

  8. Put down: This expression means to write or record information. We might put information down in our notebooks, during a lesson. It can also mean to criticize or belittle someone.

  9. Put up: If you let someone stay at your house, then you are putting them up! It is also used to mean displaying or hanging something on a wall.

  10. Put forth: We put forth ideas, concepts, or suggestions. It means we give our suggestion or idea.

Phrasal verb sentences

Now we will make sentences with the above phrasal verbs with put. I would recommend repeating them all out loud. If they are difficult for you, read them slowly at first, and then once or twice more a little bit faster or smoother.

put away, phrasal verb sentences

  1. Put off: Let's put off the meeting until next week when everyone is available.

  2. Put on: We should put our coats on as it's pretty cold outside!

  3. Put up with: I don't know how you put up with all the noise in your neighborhood.

  4. Put out: Could you please put out that cigarette? Smoking is not allowed in here.

  5. Put away: After dinner, let's put away the dishes and clean up the kitchen.

  6. Put forward: I'd like to put forward the idea of creating a new recycling program in our office.

  7. Put in: We need to put in more effort to meet our project deadlines.

  8. Put down: Don't put yourself down; you're doing a great job!

  9. Put up: My friend offered to put me up at her place while I"m in town.

  10. Put forth: Feel free to put forth any ideas you have for improving the company's website.

Phrasal verbs with put: Handy expressions for communication!

I hope you have found some use and interest in these phrasal verbs with put! If you can remember them all, they will help your English sound a little bit more natural, and also help with your listening comprehension! 

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