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Top 25 Weather Idioms needed for Natural English

Updated: May 9

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Do you know anyone who is a ray of sunshine?

What are weather idioms and why do I need to use them?

Did you ever know a fair-weather friend? As a learner of English, you may get confused or misunderstand when people use idioms in English. Often what native speakers of English say is not literal, when idioms are concerned. That’s why it is good to expand your English vocabulary. How can you learn idioms you may ask? Read on to find out more about very common idiomatic phrases in English, and how you can learn to use them in your daily English conversation. Should you be able to use these idioms effectively, you will come across as more natural, and closer to a native speaker of English. Idioms can also make us sound interested and engaged with the person you are talking to. Here you will find weather idioms with some pictures. Let's discover some new English phrases!


1. When do we use weather expressions?

2. Why you need this table of 25 weather idioms

3. 25 beginner weather idioms with examples for great English

4. A word on leveling up your English ability

When do we use weather idioms?

Idioms for business English

Whether you are at the office, making a business deal, or talking to coworkers, you may encounter weather idioms. If your colleague says something is a breeze, what does she mean? You might come across this idiom at work, and if you do not know the meaning of it, there could be a miscommunication! A breeze means that something is really easy. My business report was a breeze!

business english, easy, study, idiom
Making that new report was such a breeze!

Idioms for general English conversation

In general social situations also, you will come across weather terminology. How would you respond if your acquaintance said: “Sarah gave me the cold shoulder last night”? If you don’t know the meaning of this phrase then you wouldn’t be able to respond in an appropriately sympathetic manner. When someone is given the cold shoulder, they are basically ignored. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? It is going to rain cats and dogs. What, you might ask, does that mean? Read on to find out!

Idioms to know about for school

Just as in normal social situations, learners will encounter sports idioms during their daily school life. What do you say if your classmate said: “I hate being in the hot seat”? Do you respond with sympathy, by laughing or offering advice? The expression “in the hot seat” means to be the focus of attention and to be asked lots of questions, like an interrogation. It can be a pretty uncomfortable thing to experience.

Why you need this table of 25 top weather idioms with definitions

Use these idioms to sound smooth and natural in your English

Fair weather friend - only friends at convenient times.

Cold shoulder - to ignore someone because you are annoyed with them.

Hot under the collar - flustered.

In the hot seat - to be the focus of intense questions.

Raining cats and dogs - very heavy rain.

A storm in a teacup - great outrage about a small matter.

A breeze - something easy.

A rain check - to postpone somethig.

As right as rain - feeling fine.

On cloud nine - feeling elated.

Every cloud has silver lining - even bad things have a hopeful aspect, eventually.

It never rains but it pours - bad things tend to happen in succession!

To steal someones's thunder - to take another person's achievemnt and glory.

Come rain or shine - to do something no matter what else happens.

Throw caution to the wind - to be reckless.

Snowed under - to be overwhelmed with work.

Under the weather - to be feeling a little sick.

A face like thunder - to have a very angry face.

To be kept in the dark - to be kept unimformed.

Once in a blue moon - almost never.

Spring cleaning - to give your place a thorough clean, in spring.

As fast as lightning - really fast!

To chase a rainbow - follow an illusory goal.

A ray of sunshine - a cheerful person who makes others feel better.

To get wind of something - to hear something, like a rumor, to find out news.

Some beginner's advice on how to study idioms well

To remember these phrases it is a good idea to read them out aloud. After that, highlight the words you do not know, and look up the meanings in a dictionary. Either a dictionary you have around the house, or a good online dictionary such as this. Studying idiomatic expressions alone will not suddenly make your English ability excellent, but it will go a long way toward making you sound more natural. If you would like to find out more about phrasal verbs, or idioms why not check out some of our other posts here at Daniel's English Club?

25 beginner weather idioms with examples for great English

cold weather, bad meaning idioms, snow
Why is she giving Tommy the cold shoulder?

1. Cold shoulder meaning

Have you ever decided to completely ignore somebody because they have done something to upset you? Well, you have given a person the cold shoulder!

Is there a reason why you are giving me the cold shoulder today?

2. What does hot under the collar mean?

Have you ever been really flustered because things have not gone smoothly? Felt irritated or a tiny bit panicked? Then you felt hot under the collar.

Don't get so hot under the collar. The deadline for out project is still weeks away!

3. What do you mean by fair-weather friend?

A fair-weather friend is someone who is only friends with you during the good times. When you have a problem or it is inconvenient for them, they are nowhere to be seen. Who needs people like that?

Josh is a real fair-weather friend. You deserve better than him.

4. What does you are in the hot seat mean?

People use this English expression when they are feeling under pressure and are being observed.

I was in the hot seat at that meeting. The CEO asked me all the questions!

5. Raining cats and dogs definition

This English expression means that we have really heavy rain. The raindrops are so loud!

Why are you going out to play football now? It's raining cats and dogs outside! Are you crazy?

weather idioms with meanings with pictures
It rained cats and dogs all day long

6. A storm in a teacup

The controversy over David Beckham's new hairstyle really is a storm in a teacup. It doesn't matter in reality.

7. What does it's a breeze mean?

Did you ever get some English homework from your teacher, and realize it was really easy? Well then, it was a breeze!

This new PlayStation game is a breeze! Oops, I guess I should put it on hard mode!

8. How do you use rain check in a sentence?

Can we take a rain check on our dinner plans? I have to work overtime tonight.

9. What's an example of as right as rain?

Jimmy was as right as rain, even though he fell off his bike.

10. On cloud nine meaning and sentence

beautiful happy girl, nice lady on beach
She is on cloud nine because she passed her test

When something really nice happens to you and you feel great, this describes being on cloud nine.

Tom was on cloud nice after passing his English vocabulary test.

11. What is the meaning of every cloud has a silver lining?

When something bad happens we may feel down, but there will be something positive to come out of it, even if it doesn't look that way at the time.

Don't worry about failing your test. Every cloud has a silver lining. You will have learnt from the mistakes you made.

12. What does the idiom It never rains but it pours mean?

This idiomatic expression means that bad things tend to happen all at the same time, or at least in quick succession. For instance, your car broke down, it started to rain and then there was no mobile phone reception.

It never rains but it pours - my shopping bags all split open at the same time, while it was raining cats and dogs!

13. Where does the expression steal someone's thunder come from?

According to Wikipedia, this famous expression is from the peevish dramatist John Dennis and it means to take someone's idea.

Marie really stole my thunder in our English speech contest. She took all my ideas! Grrr!

14. How do you use come rain or shine in a sentence?

Mr. Suzuki works in his garden come rain or shine.

big house, beautiful garden, huge striped lawn
Do you work in the garden come rain or shine?

15. What does it mean to throw caution to the wind?

This English phrase means to act in a reckless manner, not caring about what the consequences may be.

Charles stupidly threw caution to the wind and decided to swim across the river.

16. How do you use the phrase snowed under?

I have so much English homework to do; vocabulary, grammar, and writing. I am truly snowed under.

17. Under the weather meaning and sentence

What do people mean when they say under the weather? Simply put, it means they aren't feeling well, perhaps a cold or a cough.

Mike took a little time off school because he was feeling under the weather.

18. What is an example of a face like thunder?

My manager had a face like thunder when I told him I wanted 4 weeks' vacation time!

19. What does it mean to be kept in the dark?

When people say that they were kept in the dark, it means that they were not told everything.

The company kept its employees in the dark about its restructuring program.

20. Once in a blue moon idiom Examples

I only go to the beach once in a blue moon. It's too far away.

Kate is so slim because she has cake and other sweets only once in a blue moon.

interesting idioms, gorgeous beach in Australia
I can only go here once in a blue moon because it is so far away

21. Spring cleaning: Beginners tips on how to use it at home and work

Spring cleaning is an annual house or apartment cleaning day. Do people still spring clean each year now?

You should start your spring cleaning early each year!
People still spring clean, even nowadys!

22. Is as fast as lightning an idiom?

Yes, as fast as lightning is an idiom. It is used to signify very high speed.

Mark's internet connection is as fast as lightning!

23. Can you chase a rainbow?

No, unfortunately, you can not chase a rainbow, as it is constantly moving! How do you use chase a rainbow in a sentence? Why not check out these great examples:

Michael is just chasing rainbows. He should quit playing the lottery every week!

Look, I'm not just chasing rainbows. My business plan will succeed.

architecture, sunshine, ray, bridge, autumn, countryside, grass, green, old
Feeling those rays of sunshine by the bridge

24. Is ray of sunshine a compliment?

Yes, ray of sunshine is a compliment. If you say your friend is a ray of sunshine, you mean they are a cheerful person who makes other people feel happy too.

Janet is a ray of sunshine for the whole class. She affects everyone's mood.

25. What does got wind of mean?

This phrasal verb means that you heard something, usually some kind of secret news.

Tracey got wind of the new company policy, and wasn't too happy about it, to say the least.

A word on leveling up your English ability

english test, pass, improve skill, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, listening ability
Use idioms to improve your English ability

We have talked about weather idioms and how they can improve your English ability. If you can use these expressions, (in moderation, of course) you will sound more natural in your English conversation. Try to fit them into various conversational situations where you can. Good luck English learners!