• Daniel Bullock

5 super examples of weather small talk

how to use warm in a sentence, english vocabualry, good grammar, flowers, sunshine, houses
The weather has really warmed up lately

Spring is well underway and heading into summer already...at least it feels like it! What are some words we can use to describe this weather?

How about warm, pleasant, mild, comfortable, or balmy?


warm, pleasant or mild を使って英語の文章を作ってみましょう。

Here are 5 examples of spring and summer weather words

1. How do you use warm in a sentence?

The weather is quite warm today!

2. How do you use mild in a sentence?

It's mild for the time of year, isn't it?

3. How do you use pleasant in a sentence?

Today is a pleasant spring morning.

how use spring in english sentence? blue sky, field, sunshine
Spring has certainly sprung by the looks of that greenery!

4. What is an example of the expression balmy?

It feels rather balmy today. I can not believe it is still April!

5. What is an example of the word comfortable in a sentence?

The temperature is really comfortable right now.

comfortable, weather, warm, sunny, season, table, jug, flowers
I feel so comfortable sitting right here in this weather!

These expressions are fantastic examples of small talk and will help your English sound more natural. If you would like more tips and advice on how to improve your English skill, why not check out some of our other posts here at Daniel's English Club?