• Daniel Bullock

What does “call up” mean?

telephone, マンツーマンレッスン, 英語
"I should call her up about the meeting"

What does “call up” mean?

This week’s idiom is “call up”. It is a fairly easy one to use and will make you sound a little bit more natural in a variety of English situations.

To call up means to telephone someone. Call up is also separable – meaning that you can put something in the middle of it.

Examples of call up

I forgot to call up John last night. He was expecting my call!

If you are feeling unwell, you should call up the doctor.

英語, マンツーマンレッスン, 小山
I really shoud've called John up, he was waiting for my call!

Examples of call up as a separable phrasal verb

I called my friend up last night while she was at work, and she wasn’t too happy!

I think it’s nice to call your grandfather up every once in a while, don’t you?