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What does "chill out" mean?

chill, 小山, 英語
Does she need to chill out?

Hi and welcome to the next idiom post. As mentioned last week, using idioms in English helps us to sound more natural when we speak. They also help with our listening comprehension. If you know many idioms, you’ll be able to better understand what people are talking about.

What does chill out mean?

To chill out means to relax, calm down or take it easy. It is a casual expression.

What are some examples of chill out?

A: Our manager really needs to chill out. She keeps micro-managing. We aren’t allowed to do anything without her say-so.

B: I know what you mean. She really needs to take a holiday!

マンツーマン, 小山, chill out
Our manager should take a vacation. She really needs to chill out.

A: I’m so stressed about the exam tomorrow. What am I going to do if I fail?

B: Chill out! You’ve studied quite a lot for it, so you should be fine. And even if you don’t pass, you can always take it again next term.

A: You’re right, I should chill out!

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