• Daniel Bullock

Which planet is the hottest?

Venus, hottest, 英語
This is Venus, the hottest planet

Have you ever wondered which planet is the hottest? How about the closest to Earth?

Comparatives statements about Venus

Is it close? Yes. Venus is closer to The Earth than Jupiter, for example.

A long day? Absolutely! A single day on Venus is longer than an entire year! What? How does that even make sense?! Well, Venus rotates very slowly - it takes 243 Earth days to complete one rotation. This is longer than the time it takes for Venus to complete one rotation of the Sun. That is year.

Is it very hot? The short answer is yes. There are more details below, but suffice to say, it is hotter than Mercury!

マンツーマン, 小山
Venus is extremely hot (this is a picture of The Earth, though!)

Superlative adjectives about Venus

Which planet is the hottest in the solar system? The answer is Venus. It has an average temperature of 462C / 863F. Wow, that could certainly be considered boiling hot!

Which planet is the brightest in the sky? It is Venus. Only the moon is brighter. It can even be seen in the daytime. Venus can best be seen just after sunset or just before sunrise.

Which planet is the closest to Earth?

If you look at a map of our solar system, it appears that Venus is the closest planet to Earth. However. studies show that it is a complicated matter. Mercury may well be closer!