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Why learn English conversation?

When thinking about learning English conversation, it is useful to be aware of the reasons people want to do so! On this page, we will go over some of the main reasons why it’s useful to learn English conversation here at Daniel’s English Club

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To speak English fluently

If you have regular English conversation practice, it is going to help your language fluency. This means that speaking ability will become smoother and more natural.

English pronunciation

Being able to hear and use English by a native speaker of the language in the classroom is a very useful experience. It not only helps you to recognize accents and speech patterns in English but also gives you the opportunity to practice native English yourself. 

error correction, english is fun, esl

Error correction 

Being able to take an English conversation class with a native English speaker is very useful because you will receive error correction so that you can refine your English skills. You will also receive hints and tips on how to say things naturally in English.

Learn with fun

English conversation is simply fun! Rather than just reading a book or listening to audio lessons, actually engaging in real conversations, and communicating back-and-forth feels so much more alive and relevant. It basically brings a subject of study to life! I also think that if we learn with fun, we can better remember what we study! 

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